LG Flash Tool - LG Software Update 2016

Download LG Flash Tool and Make Rom Flash for LG Phones

What is LG Smart-Phone Flash Tool

The Lg smart phone flash tool is world famous one and only support tool for LG mobile phones and devices. You can easy create working ROM flash for LG devices. This tool compliable with windows 7, 8, 9 and 10 Download LG Flash Tool and root your LG phone.

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LG flash tool

What is the LG Mobile Support Tool

Do you have any LG mobile phone or tablets with not working? Need to flash it? Lg flash tool is the tool for done with work easy and fast way. It only made for the making best ROM for LG phones. The World have more than one million LG phone so their need flashes their phone without getting any bad side effect after flash they phone so developer made this tool done this task in few click after install. Do you need the windows computer to install this tool and making flash? Read under few tutorial and let see how to install and how to get work with the LG Smart-Phone flash tool.

Some Features Of LG Flash Tool

  • Flash Any ROM's in LG mobile phones
  • Fix speed bugs and errors
  • Save battery life

  • All Versions of Lg Mobile Support Tool

    This Tool Only Released Tree Versions in 2014 and 2016 Click Here Under Button and Downloads It

    Download V Download 1.8

    Change Log in Lg Support Tool - LG Software Update

    1. Developing 25/06/2014: Initial Version

    2. Developing 27/06/2014 : Fix all bugs to not working with windows XP

    3. Developing 03/07/2014: Fix everything not working with OS windows 8/8.1 64bit

    Some extra feature of LG Mobile Support Tool

    1. Compliable with all LG smart phones

    2. Re-Build GUI

    3. No more need LG support tool

    4. Do not need internet connection or root access

    5. Add more language

    6. Do not need host files in ROM

    All Requirements For This Tool

    1. Stock image and DDL file

    2. Lg flash tool |Direct Download|

    3. Lg phone Drivers |For Windows - For Mac|

    4. Magalock.dll file |Direct Download|

    5. Windows Computer

    6. USB cable (Depend on your device port)

    After downloading all thing above you can start process flash now. Check how to do this in step by step.

    How to Install LG Flash Tool and LG Software Update

    1. Download Lg smartphone flash tool

    2. After download extract zip file and copy to location as you need

    3. Connect device and computer using USB cable

    4. Copy kHz files in LG flash tool folder in you download

    5. Run the flash tool

    6. Fill all information about device

    7. Click on the start flash process button

    8. After waiting few seconds it will successful flashed

    Troubleshooting with Lg Flash Tool

    1. Check you download correct and working versions

    2. Do not try without installing all support tools and .dll files

    3. Check USB cable are working

    4. Enable USB debug mode

    5. Copy KDZ file in LG flash tool downloaded folder

    Developer Credits

    This tool completely develops in xda-developers.com then all credits and all license go to original owners. We hope you successful download tool and other files to get start flash your LG-mobile phone or devices. We wish you to do this work great and get amazing results.

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